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CoroCut® 2: Versatile and productive parting & grooving
CoroCut® 2 is a new concept featuring all the benefits you'd expect from cost-efficient parting and grooving, including refined grades, improved edge line quality, and increased stability with rail interface also for smaller insert sizes. If you like its predecessor, the market-leading CoroCut® 1-2, just wait until you see how CoroCut® 2 will take your productivity gains to the next level.
GC4405: Designed for metal removal excellence
The steel-turning grade GC4405 is your go-to for exceptional metal removal rates and extended cutting durations. Experience unmatched productivity and tool longevity with GC4405, especially when working with harder steels. And, if you’re handling softer steels, you can save up on coolant because GC4405 allows for dry machining, making it the sustainable addition to your production.
CoroDrill® 860 with –SD geometry: Where precision meets performance
For trustworthy drilling with high-value components, CoroDrill® 860 with –SD geometry is your ultimate choice. Developed specifically for nickel-based HRSA materials, it brings top-tier performance, impeccable dimensional accuracy, and superior hole quality.

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