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In the evolving industrial landscape, businesses are facing a shift from demand constraints to supply constraints. Challenges in securing both labor and raw materials have prompted a need for greater agility while reducing workforce and capital budgets. Although very effective at accurately and consistently performing operations which are repetitive for humans, their speed and power make them unsuitable to work alongside people. Developed to improve plant productivity and safety, the Lexium Cobot helps to minimize downtime caused by labor shortages, currently costing factories approx. 20 per cent of their productive capacity.

Lexium Cobots have significant weight-bearing potential and programming options:
  • Strong payloads – The Cobot’s five versions differ in size and working radius, with payloads ranging from 3 to 18 kgs, handling repetitive and monotonous tasks so operators can focus on more value-added jobs
  • Programming flexibility – Easy programming and commissioning with hands-on teaching. Graphical programming helps operators change applications effortlessly and adapt quickly to production process changes
  • Complete Integration - Lexium Cobots are versatile and can be integrated with various robotics systems and are compatible with EcoStruxure Machine Expert Twin, the digital twin solution, systems can be tested virtually before real-world implementation
By adopting Schneider Electric Lexium Cobots, you can recover your investment costs faster as you transition your facilities into smart factories.

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