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About Us

A Message from our sponsor

Daemar offers a wide range of specialized seals tailored to meet the specific needs of design engineers within the dynamic environment of the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. Our extensive variety of seals, including Blue Metal Detectable O-rings, Sanitary Gaskets, PTFE Braided Packing and ProTech WD Profile Bearing Isolators ensures optimal performance, precision and, most importantly, hygiene even in challenging conditions, ensuring the reliability and safety of manufacturing processes.

Blue Metal Detectable O-rings
Extended equipment use can cause excessive wear, leading to potential rubber fragment contamination in Food, Dairy, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries, where product safety and adherence to FDA regulations is crucial. Explore Metal Detectable O-Rings – the ideal solution to eliminating product recalls, reducing losses, and minimizing elastomer consumption. By incorporating a metal impregnated compound into standard elastomers, these O-Rings can be easily located using in-line metal detectors, saving you time, money, and ensuring product integrity. Say goodbye to costly searches and embrace a more efficient, reliable manufacturing process.
Maintain Industrial Manufacturing Hygiene with Sanitary Gaskets
Sanitary gaskets play a vital role in ensuring hygeinic conditions across industries like Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Dairy, Food & Beverage and Semi-Conductor. These hygienic seals effectively secure clamp connections in sanitary pipelines. Daemar offers a diverse range of specialty gaskets, available in various elastomers, fluoroelastomers, and Kalrez perfluoroelastomer options. Elevate your systems’ reliability and hygiene standards with our quality sanitary gaskets.
Enhance Equipment Performance & Reliability with FDA-Compliant PTFE Braided Packing
Elevate your equipment’s performance with Daemar’s PTFE braided packing. Their interlock braid, infused with a specialized break-in lubricant, ensures optimal functionality for rotating and reciprocating machinery and valves. Compliant with stringent FDA and USDA regulations, this packing is made from pure PTFE filaments that guarantee food-grade safety. Trust 154FDA for reliability, meeting strict standards for incidental food contact. Upgrade your assembly line with materials approved by both the USDA and FDA, ensuring absolute dependability.
Prevent Bearing Failure and Enhance Efficiency with ProTech WD Isolators
Enhance efficiency in the food and beverage manufacturing sector with ProTech WD Profile Bearing Isolators while preventing expensive machine downtime caused by bearing failures. These isolators safeguard equipment by retaining lubrication and keeping contaminants out, performing exceptionally well under high-pressure washdown scenarios. They also provide top-tier water spray and dust exclusion, meeting IP-56, IP-66, and IP69K standards, and are ideal for compact spaces. Contact Daemar, your trusted supplier, now to boost your equipment’s performance!

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