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Are you asking yourself how you could become faster, better and more efficient in control cabinet construction? Then we have the right place to bring your project: our brand new Rittal Application Center. Come discover what Rittal Application Center can do for your business!
Experience at our brand new Center the seamless interaction between Eplan and Rittal tools. Together with our experts and the Eplan Pro Panel software, you will create a virtual prototype of your control cabinet in 3D based on your schematic from EPLAN Electric P8 and validated data for electrical components from the Eplan Data Portal. The Rittal system configurators then allow you to configure the Rittal enclosure and accessories with plausibility-check and in 3D - ready for handing over the data to mechanical or manual further processing. Experience how all these tools and processes interlock perfectly, tailored to your individual requirements and needs. Working with us on your individual case at Rittal Application Center will take your team's productivity to the next level!

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