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Daemar offers a comprehensive range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, from versatile elastomer O-Rings to advanced PTFE and polyurethane seals. Engineered for exceptional wear resistance and no stick-slip characteristics, these seals meet diverse industry demands with customization options available for specific application requirements.

Discover Our New Trelleborg Video Resource Page
We are excited to announce the launch of our new resource page dedicated to Trelleborg Sealing Solutions! This comprehensive webpage features a range of informative videos designed to enhance your understanding and application of Trelleborg products. Explore and learn about product range, installation guides and market segments. Visit our page to start exploring today.
Pneumatic Seals for Dynamic Applications
Discover high-performance pneumatic seals from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, designed for dynamic applications where cylinders and valves are powered by air. Trelleborg seals, wear rings, and scrapers/wipers excel in both rotary and reciprocating motions, ensuring reliable operation at high speeds. For specialized needs, we offer custom solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in pneumatic systems.
Enhance Hydraulic System Performance with Trelleborg’s Advanced Piston Seals
Redefine precision and reliability with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions’ hydraulic piston seals. Expertly engineered for superior fluid sealing in hydraulic cylinders, these seals offer unmatched leakage control. Designed with a focus on reducing friction, maintaining a compact form factor, and ensuring straightforward installation, they meet the stringent demands of today’s design engineers, delivering performance and efficiency where it matters most.
Prevent Contamination of Hydraulic Systems with Trelleborg’s Hydraulic Scrapers and Wipers
Ensure the longevity of your hydraulic systems with effective contamination prevention. Hydraulic scrapers and wipers from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions safeguard against contaminants, protecting crucial components like wear rings and seals. Explore Trelleborg’s comprehensive selection of hydraulic scrapers and wipers to enhance the reliability and durability of your hydraulic operations.

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