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Growing demand for smart machines, including smart robots, is driven by the need to increase productivity and quality, customize on-demand production, increase cost savings, and reduce time-to-market.

Industrial robots play a key role in the future of smart manufacturing and smart factories. However, robotics deployments must be coupled with digitization and advanced automation to help solve manufacturers production, flexibility, and sustainability challenges.

Machine builders (OEMs) can create value by equipping machines with automation and digitization, enabling both machines and robots to be more connected and data driven.

That’s why Schneider Electric goes beyond robots to provide fully integrated robotic systems – digitally designed from concept to operation and maintenance.

  1. From single-axis machines to high-performance multi-axis machines, our comprehensive Lexium robots, associated with dynamic servo drives technology, enable high-speed motion and precise positioning
  2. Integrating robots into the machine control solution with EcoStruxure™, IoT-enabled, open, and interoperable architecture/platform, enables collaborative data flow from shop-floor to top-floor, by connecting smart products, robots, controls, software, and services

Designing smart robotics can be challenging. Schneider Electric can help your engineering departments to overcome any obstacles.

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