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Pg. 10 CAD Report
Sanctioned countries develop work-arounds to embargo of Western design software.

Pg. 14 A Powerful Synergy
AI-driven CFD simulation solves difficult design problem in Velo3D’s Sapphire XC 3D printer.

Pg. 16 Modular Robotics
Beckhoff’s ATRO robotics system designed to address common shortcomings of industrial robots.

Pg. 18 How Smart Devices Impact Manufacturing Productivity
How smart, connected technologies are driving a seismic shift in manufacturing.

Pg. 20 Pushing the Envelope
Electroimpact continuous fiber-reinforced 3D printer enables rapid fabrication of aerospace-grade integrated composite structures.

Pg. 24 All About Motion
Omron motion control specialist details the state of motion controllers and the trends shaping their future.