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Canada's manufacturers looking to AI to reduce 'repetitive labour'

AI-driven robotic solutions, like Toronto’s Xaba, take center stage at CMTS show.

Innovate BC awards $1.3M to B.C.-based R&D projects

Provincial Crown Agency’s Ignite program designed to help commercialize natural resource and applied science projects.

The Advantages of Split Seam Compression Limiters [Sponsored]

Spirol’s CL220 compression limiters simplify assembly, improve quality and lower cost.

Ottawa rolls out voluntary AI code of conduct

Proposed measures range from screening for bias to assessing potential “malicious use.”

ABB, EDC form global partnership to finance clean tech projects

Deal to provide $2.9B to support ABB’s customers for electrification and automation projects.

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Cordis Flow Controller

The CFC Flow Controller utilizes an extremely fast reacting mems technology sensor upstream of Clippard’s proportional valve. Adding the DR-2 Regulator for accurate and precise pressure control makes for a very small, compact package by eliminating the need for an external regulated supply. Unlike other mass flow controllers that require a 30-minute warm-up period, large differential pressures, limited flow ranges, the Cordis controller requires less than one minute warm-up, pressure drop is equal to or less than 14” H2O, and flow ranges as low as 0 to 30 sccm. The Cordis also allows for customer custom changes within the application. » Learn more
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Webinar alert! Build your Automation Advantage with Software Driven Design

Join us on Oct. 5 at 1 p.m. ET for a webinar on how to build your automation advantage with software-driven design. Andy Burleigh, Applications and Technical Support Manager at Beckhoff and special guest Brent Lekx-Toniolo, Engineering Software Developer at Sodecia GTAC will discuss streamlining communication and implementing modular, reusable code and extensible plc software. Learn how Sodecia benefitted from standardizing on software-driven automation. » Learn more

IO-Link Master

Emerson G3 allows for multiple IO-Link masters to be added on one G3 Fieldbus platform. » Read More...

Servo Motors

Mitsubishi MELESRVO-J5 offers a simple motion mode for advanced synchronous control. » Read More...


Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo Toronto 2023

November 07 - 09, 2023
Toronto Congress Centre
Toronto, Ontario
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November 7 - 9, 2023
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA
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June 11. - 13, 2024
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