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Excellent Accuracy & Repeatability of ±0.15 psi
The DR-2 series regulators are robust, cost-effective devices that provide precise repeatability (±0.15 psi), sensitivity and stability in a small, sleek package. Designed for applications where zero air consumption is required (non-bleed), they are ideal for medical devices, analytical equipment, lab automation, printing, process control and more. Relieving and non-relieving designs are available. As regulator applications continue to increase, Clippard is meeting the demand with a variety of models, options and pressure ranges.
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Empower your automation with the Festo digital software tool, Electric Motion Sizing. Size linear and rotary axes for your applications by inputting key details. Our software generates a tailored list, encompassing servo drives, motors, actuators, mounting kits, and cables. Enhance efficiency by effortlessly adding accessories to your bill of materials (BOM), and order the complete BOM directly from the Festo online shop.
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The micro-size Cross-Roller Ring RAU features a 10mm inner diameter and a 21mm outer diameter. It is more compact, lightweight and rigid than a double row angular contact ball bearing type. RAU rollers travel on V-shaped raceways ground into the inner and outer rings. Alternating rollers are arrayed orthogonally so that one bearing can support loads and moments in any direction. Spacer retainers enable smooth movement and high rotation accuracy.
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As Motovario's fully-authorized MAC Centre in Canada, RotoPrecision has extended our assembly capabilities to provide you with a broader range of Motovario products and services for all your requirements including inline, helical-bevel and worm gear reducers.
  • Assembly in Canada using proprietary Motovario equipment
  • Canadian assembly technicians factory-trained by Motovario
  • Large Canadian inventories
  • Rapid turnaround and delivery
Please download our Motovario Master Catalogue which includes industry product references, key reducer ratings and dimensional data.
Contact: RotoPrecision Inc.
Phone: 1-888-712-3400
Email: applsupport@rotoprecision.ca
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