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Pneumatic fluid power is a universal and cost-effective method for delivering energy to instrumentation and industrial processes. In these cases, fluid is controlled to achieve a particular outcome either by pressure or flow control.

How are pressure and flow control achieved? What are ideal products for controlling fluid power and how do they affect the outcome? The answer to those questions begins with a definition of pressure and flow and an understanding of open and closed-loop systems.
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With the Handling Guide Online, you can configure and order your handling system in record time. It automatically works out suitable solutions, including CAD model, technical data and net price. You then simply select the system you want and order it immediately through the Online Shop. There’s no faster or simpler way to get the right handling system.
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The micro-size Cross-Roller Ring RAU features a 10mm inner diameter and a 21mm outer diameter. It is more compact, lightweight and rigid than a double row angular contact ball bearing type. RAU rollers travel on V-shaped raceways ground into the inner and outer rings. Alternating rollers are arrayed orthogonally so that one bearing can support loads and moments in any direction. Spacer retainers enable smooth movement and high rotation accuracy.
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NB Linear’s award-winning BG linear actuators offer a compact single axis actuator with a unique “U” shaped integrated 4-ball circuit slide guide and ball screw which provide the multiple functions of a guide block and a ball screw nut combined into a single unit. The “U” shaped guide rail offers high rigidity against bending and can be cantilevered. It is an ideal choice for many applications including positioning, measurement, automotive and semiconductor equipment.
  • Adjustment-Free
  • High Rigidity and Exceptional Accuracy
  • Compact Design
Available in Canada from RotoPrecision including full technical dimensions, drawings, ratings and 3-D CAD models.
Contact: RotoPrecision Inc.
Phone: 1-800-232-1985
Email: applsupport@rotoprecision.ca
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