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PEM® brand captive panel screws are designed to help keep parts to a minimum and eliminate risks associated with loose hardware that could fall out and damage internal components. These panel fastener assemblies are ideal to attach metal panels or other thin material components in applications where subsequent access will be necessary.

PennEngineering® is a licensee for MAThread® anti cross-threading technology. Originally developed for the demands of the automotive industry, this patented design helps speed assembly and reduces or eliminates failures, repairs, scrap, downtime, and warranty service associated with thread damage.

Thirty-two series available.
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More Experience: Over 80 years and more than 14,000 Dust Collectors installed from coast to coast in Canada and the US.

More Value: Feature for feature, dollar for dollar, Murphy packs MORE into every Dust Collector they build. Get it done right the first time.

More Quality: N.R. Murphy is still family owned. Since their name goes on every dust collector, their reputation is at stake. Since 1943, their devotion to Quality has stood the test of time.
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With over 20 million products globally and 80 sextillion part configurations for automation, press die, and plastic mold applications, MISUMI is the most comprehensive, user-friendly engineering resource for a variety of industries all over the world. As both a manufacturer and distributor, MISUMI offers an unmatched, one-stop-shop to meet customer specifications, and is committed to empowering customers to do incredible design work incredibly fast.
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Still using traditional solid cylindrical roller bearings that require complicated and time-consuming replacement procedures such as pulling gears and couplings, dismounting drives and stripping line shafting? Consider Schaeffler’s FAG Split Cylindrical Roller Bearing Housed Assembly! Engineered and manufactured in halves, FAG Split CRB Housed Assemblies from Schaeffler are easily assembled around a shaft – and interchangeable with most conventional roller bearings. Easy on, easy off means less downtime. And less downtime means more profits!
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