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With thousands of Markforged CCF 3d printers deployed across the manufacturing sector, we were able to analyze more than a 100 different use cases. The analysis shows that many companies have already adopted additive manufacturing to save tens of thousands in annual costs. Markforged printers from Designfusion offer unmatched reliability and support that your company can depend on. Read the report to learn how manufactures like you are capitalizing today.
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Explore the significance of back-up rings in manufacturing. These washer-like devices are essential in preventing seal extrusion under pressure. Positioned downstream in the gland, back-up rings, although not seals themselves, are crucial companions to O-rings in high-pressure applications (over 1500 psi). Whether providing support or acting as spacers, these rings ensure a reliable seal, enhancing the durability of your products. Contact Daemar now for your back-up ring needs and elevate your manufacturing assembly line.
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Securely install cables using only fingertip pressure with Hecyo’s newest wire management product available in two styles.

Blind Mount features a Jersey pine tree base that installs easily in 6,6 mm holes (blind or through holes) but provides superior holding power. Molded from robust UVX Nylon 6/6 with extended UV capabilities these are ideal for outdoor exposure.

Adhesive Back versions are available in three clip materials (UVX Black, Natural, and V-0 Black) and three adhesive types: Rubber, Acrylic and VHB (very high bond).

Both styles hold one or two cables between 5,8 to 8,0 mm diameter each.
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Smalley's Crest-to-Crest® Wave Springs save up to 50% in axial space compared to standard coil springs. Their flat-wire design is lightweight and accurate with predictable loads. With a compact design, Crest-to-Crest Wave Springs fit in tight spaces and can help reduce the spring cavity size within your application. Try the Smalley Advantage for yourself with a complimentary product sample – request one on our website!
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A one-day tabletop show highlighting the latest design and manufacturing technologies for the OEM market across Canada. An effective forum for face-to-face interactions where engineers, product developers, machine builders and systems integrators can discuss, network, solicit advice and ‘kick the tires’ on the latest technologies and applications that drive your business.
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