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When it comes to Dust Collectors, N.R. Murphy Ltd. is well versed on the latest codes and regulation standards. Since 1943, N.R. Murphy has designed and installed over 14,000 DUST COLLECTION SYSTEMS. The company carries the most complete line of standard and custom fabricated dry dust collectors available. They also build and stock standard Industrial Exhaust FANS (customized as needed) as well as dust collector FILTERS and Collector ACCESSORIES.
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Why use traditional solid spherical roller bearings that require complicated and time-consuming replacement procedures – such as pulling gears and couplings, dismounting drives and stripping line shafting – when you could be using Split Spherical Roller Bearings from Schaeffler? Their inner ring, outer ring and cage assembly are split into halves for easy mounting and dismounting. Which means less downtime. And less downtime means your machines are working harder for you!
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Pivot Point designs and manufactures wire rope cable assemblies. Commonly used for tethering fasteners and components - and also as motion restraint cables for doors, hinged lids, and panels - these tethers are tough yet inexpensive. Pivot Point stocks a wide range of off-the-shelf assemblies, cable types, end terminal types, and assembly lengths. Have a special application? Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities allow us to customize assemblies, attach unique end fittings, and keep tight control over quality. For many designs, Pivot Point features automation capabilities which produce highly consistent, industrial-strength assemblies at a price competitive with flimsier imports. Contact us today for technical information, samples, or pricing.
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A one-day tabletop show highlighting the latest design and manufacturing technologies for the OEM market across Canada. An effective forum for face-to-face interactions where engineers, product developers, machine builders and systems integrators can discuss, network, solicit advice and ‘kick the tires’ on the latest technologies and applications that drive your business.
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