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With thousands of Markforged CCF 3d printers deployed across the manufacturing sector, we were able to analyze more than a 100 different use cases. The analysis shows that many companies have already adopted additive manufacturing to save tens of thousands in annual costs. Markforged printers from Designfusion offer unmatched reliability and support that your company can depend on. Read the report to learn how manufactures like you are capitalizing today.
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DMR Heavy Duty Seals, ideal for extreme temperatures, high pressures, high speeds, and corrosive liquids & gases. Our seal designs come in various inch and metric profiles, including double, single, and multi-lip designs. Concerned about heat or chemical attack? Our experienced team can review special applications. Choose from materials like FKM, HNBR, Polyurethane, PTFE, and NBR to combat heat or chemical attack.
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Get a handling on grippers with this overview whitepaper from Festo. This whitepaper explores the different types of grippers, their key design features, and the advantages they offer in various applications.

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Ever wonder how condition monitoring and IT/OT convergence drive continuous improvement?

With recent advancements in smart, ready-to-weigh sensors and integrated connectivity, available solutions now encompass the full range of industrial weighing applications, from measuring micrograms of product to thousands of tons of product in harsh or even combustible industrial environments.

Learn how these mission-critical solutions increase measurement speed, accuracy, repeatability, and maintainability while lowering risks and costs.

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