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Edge carry conveyor curing system for in-line pin chain processes


General DPN

The DYMAX Edge Carry Series of conveyors is designed for efficient handling of a variety of parts such as printed circuit boards that are populated on two sides, or palletized components. The conveyor series is said to provide seamless transition from upstream assembly/dispense systems with inline transport capability.

Top surface curing of UV and/or visible-light-sensitive adhesives, inks, and coatings is accomplished with up to four DYMAX UVCS 5000 lamps, one 1200/2000 EC lamp, or up to two, six-in. microwave lamps. Units offer shielding from UV light and consistent cure times. Configuration options allow flexibility when defining intensity requirements to keep operating costs to a minimum. 

Standard height clearance is 6 in.; optional risers increase clearance to either 8 or 12 in. The chains on the Edge Carry conveyor are adjusted with a hex driver to accommodate various widths of parts to be cured, from 2.75 to 18 in.


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