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Energy Kinetics Inc. has introduced the TeMAX line of elastomer bumpers, tested to surpass service life of earlier models by 15%. TeMAX is an acronym for Thermoplastic Energy Absorber MAXimized. Improvements in durability over earlier EKI (and competitive) products comes from alloying virgin Hytrel, enhancing tensile strength, with the added benefit of significantly greater moisture stability.

Formulations for all models in the line incorporate UV inhibitors to increase product life in outdoor environments. The three distinct versions of the TeMAX bumper line give users flexibility to select widely different displacements for the same reaction force levels – 51 choices in the standard bumper lines. Bumpers include axial high-load models, ranging in energy capacity from 100 to 17,000 in. lb, axial low-load from 50 to 8000 in. lb, radial from 10 to 1000 in. lb and crane bumpers from 330 to 9375 ft lb.


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