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electronica 2014: Harting debuts preLink Ethernet connector components


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Harting Global product manager Matthias Fritsche debuts the Ha-VIS preLink Ethernet component range at electronica 2014 in Munich, Germany.

The preLink terminal blocks, together with the preLink assembly pliers, form the centerpiece of preLink technology.

They allow the unrestricted processing of the cable to be installed, independent of the form and type of the mating face used. This also applies to the IP65/67 protected connector.

The mounting of the termination block with the preLink® assembly pliers takes place directly on the cable. This means that the fitter always has enough space to work and sees exactly which work step is being performed.

The preLink termination block contour precisely matches the insertion space in the preLink connector and is a snug press fit there. All preLink connectors are then closed using housing parts (latching tab for RJ45 and Extender or screwable round housing for M12), which hold the preLink termination block absolutely vibration-proof in its final position and protect it from external influences.


More about the Ha-VIS preLink system


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