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DPN WEB EXCLUSIVE: IDEC has introduced the XA (16 mm) and XW (22 mm) series Emergency Stop (E-Stop) switches. The switches include a new technology called ìsafe break actionî said to provide greater levels of operator safety.

The design reverses the energy direction and uses the spring-pressure to assure that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged or the contact blocks break off due to excessive force. The XA/XW series switches comply with international safety standards ISO13850 and EN60947-5-5. 

Both the XA and XW series switches offer up to four ìsafe-breakî contacts with a depth behind the panel that is half of those of conventional E-Stop switches. This means that there is an additional contact available and the switches can be used in Level 4 safety category applications. The switches are secured from the rear of the control panel, therefore, the buttons cannot be removed from the front. Another feature of the XA/XW switches is that either push-turn or push-pull reset methods can be used to reset switches.


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