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EtherCAT poster summarizes protocol details

EtherCAT Technology Group graphic provides a visual overview of EtherCAT technology.

February 12, 2020   by DE Staff

The EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG) released the EtherCAT Device Protocol Poster that provides a visual overview of the EtherCAT technoloy. It describes the basic functional principles of EtherCAT, the structure of the frame and its processing in the EtherCAT Slave Controller (ESC). Additionally, it provides further information on the registers used by the ESC, the object model and references to relevant specification documents.

“My goal for the poster was to provide EtherCAT device developers a visual basis for a deeper understanding of EtherCAT technology,” said Stephan Köhnen, the EtherCAT expert at ETG responsible for EtherCAT Poster project. “Comparable to a geographic map, the poster helps to orientate oneself in the EtherCAT world.”

The poster is available for all free of charge, including those without ETG membership, and available in English and Japanese.


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