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How to output a high resolution STL file to assure a good 3D print.

In the world of additive manufacturing, the quality of the part an AM machine produces, no matter what the process, depends on the quality of the file you feed it. Thankfully, the industry standardized on the open STL file format, but the way CAD systems export solid models to STL varies. Some make it as simple as Export/STL/Fine while others provide the ability to define (and potentially deform) your carefully wrought design work.

This online guide — by Oshawa-based engineering services firm and Stratasys additive manufacturing equipment distributor, Cimetrix Solutions — details the specific steps and settings needed to output a quality STL file. CAD systems covered include Alibre, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, ProE, Rhino, SolidEdge, SolidWork, UGS NX 6, 3D Studio Max, ADT and Revit.


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