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FANUC to distribute Soft Robotics grippers

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Pneumatic mGrip soft robotic fingers tailored for the food and beverage and packaging industries.

Soft Robotics announced that its mGrip modular gripper system is available through FANUC’s worldwide distribution network. In addition, FANUC robot users will be able to directly program and implement Soft Robotics’ proprietary technology.

According to the company, its soft robotic mGrip systems can grasp and manipulate items with human hand-like dexterity. Leveraging patented material science and air actuation, the gripping system conforms to an object and picks it without the need of sensors, machine vision or numerical computation.

“Soft Robotics has demonstrated its distinct expertise in tackling some of the most vexing problems facing the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries, particularly with respect to the high variability of products and processes,” said Kenichiro Abe, Senior Managing Officer, General Manager, Robot Mechanical Development Laboratory, FANUC. “Together, we can move robots off of the assembly line into more real-world applications and provide differentiated value to high growth markets where automation has historically been infeasible.”



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