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Fascinating, Jim: X Prize Foundation launches Star Trek Tricorder competition

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Futuristic healthcare gadget to net winner $10 Million prize.

At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, the X PRIZE and Qualcomm Foundations announced the launch of the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE, a competition to create a real world Star Trek’s medical Tricorder. According to the contest sponsors, the goal spur development of devices that allow consumers to make medical diagnoses independent of a healthcare provider.

To score the $10 million top prize, the winning entry will be the mobile platform that most accurately diagnoses a set of 15 diseases across 30 consumers in three days. Teams must also deliver a compelling consumer experience while capturing real-time health measurements — blood pressure, respiratory rate and temperature, etc. – so user can tell if they need professional help and provide “next step” advice.

“Health care today certainly falls far short of the vision portrayed in Star Trek,” said Dr. Paul Jacobs chairman and CEO of Qualcomm Incorporated and Qualcomm Foundation Chair. “By sponsoring the Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE competition, the Qualcomm Foundation will stimulate the imaginations of entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists and doctors to create wireless health services and technologies that improve lives, increase consumer access to healthcare and drive efficiencies in the healthcare system.”



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