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FCA showcases new Portal Concept vehicle


General Automotive concept car FCA

This fifth generation family vehicle was designed from the inside out with millennials in mind.

FCA has brought its latest concept vehicle to CES 2017. The vehicle, dubbed Portal, offers a unique spin on family transportation.

FCA portal conceptThis fifth generation vehicle was designed from the inside out with millennials in mind. Chrysler’s newest vehicle benefitted from the inspiration and ideas of millennials working in FCA’s design and engineering departments.

What the company came up with was a tech savvy, environmentally friendly, cost conscious vehicle.

The Chrysler Portal concept was designed to maximize interior space with flexibility between seating and cargo configurations. Riders are able to include and expand their social media communities with wireless integration between the vehicle and mobile devices. The vehicle also takes advantage of technologic advances in battery-electric powertrains.


According to the company, the Chrysler Portal concept was designed and engineered with all life stages and lifestyles in mind, including active/adventure, single, married/partnered, those with newborns and older children.


The interior of the Chrysler Portal offers drivers and passengers a “third space”. The interior features soft, clean and sculptural lines.

Thin-design seats fold flat, fold up and slide fore/aft on a track system for ultimate flexibility. The seats mount to tracks embedded in the floor. This enables the seats to move the full length of the vehicle and, if needed, to be removed easily from the rear of the vehicle.

The decision to use battery-electric technology enabled the designers to maximize cabin space, with the battery pack positioned under the flat-load floor.

The vehicle includes a clean, simple high-mount instrument panel display with easy-to-use interfaces. Screens can be positioned throughout the interior for ultimate passenger engagement.Up to eight docking stations, located in the instrument panel and seats, can be used for charging and securing mobile phones and tablet devices.


Featuring a mono-volume form that “shrink wraps” the battery-electric vehicle (BEV) powertrain and interior packaging, the Portal’s exterior design offers portal-shaped side openings with articulating front and rear doors for easy loading and unloading of people and cargo.

The lighting in the concept vehicle provides an interactive experience as well as acts as a communication tool. The vehicle is equipped with full-color, changing LED lighting on the front, side portals and rear. Not only can the light take on different colors, it can have a swiping or animated appearance.

A full-length clear polycarbonate roof panel visually expands the vehicle’s interior space and admits natural light to all occupants.

Next-Gen Engineering 

The Chrysler Portal concept is propelled by a single electric motor driving the front wheels. The vehicle is powered by alithium-ion battery pack, rated at around 100 kWh. The Chrysler Portal concept is estimated to have more than 250 miles of range on a full charge.

Chrysler Portal ConceptThe battery pack is integrated into the vehicle’s underbody, increasing structural rigidity and providing a low center of gravity. This enhances handling and ride comfort.

The Chrysler Portal is capable of SAE Level Three semi-autonomous operation and the driver has the option to turn driving control over to the vehicle under certain highway driving situations. The vehicle is equipped with an array of sensor technologies (LIDAR/radar/sonar/vision).

Chrysler boasts that there are more than 20 available technologies designed to engage, inform and connect the driver and passengers. The Chrysler Portal concept provides an adaptable and upgradeable user experience that anticipates the needs and can evolve with lifestyle changes and technology advancements.



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