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Festo’s new service module MS6-E2M smart way to reduce energy consumption


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Festo’s new energy efficiency service module MS6-E2M is said to be a next-generation breakthrough in compressed air management that can lower a user’s overall energy cost.

The capabilities of this intelligent service unit, unique in the marketplace, far exceed those of conventional compressed air service modules.

The MS6-E2M, or E2M for short, monitors and regulates important operating parameters such as flow and pressure automatically, optimizing air usage. It’s a critical instrument for detecting and reporting anomalies that would suggest leaks in the machine or piping.

By actively intervening in the air supply, particularly during stand-by operation when the machine is idling, Festo’s E2M helps reduce the consumption of compressed air by cutting off the flow of compressed air, preventing any from escaping through leaks on the machine.

In shut-off mode, it continually checks for leaks and if it detects a greater than allowable pressure drop in the piping system, it alerts the plant control system. Leaks detected between production runs can be fixed before too much air and energy are wasted.


Measured values for flow rate, air consumption and pressure can be called up from the E2M at any time. That makes it possible to determine whether a plant is consuming more air now than a year ago, how much air is needed for a production batch, whether the pressure is correctly adjusted and what the pressure and flow rate were at the time of a machine breakdown.

The user can quickly adapt the Festo E2M to each installation via a manual input device (MMI) or Profibus, specifying the parametres for detecting whether the machine is in a production run or not. The E2M is ideal for assuring long-term consistent performance for new energy-efficient machines, and with a simple connection of sensors to a PLC makes for an easy retrofit on older equipment.


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