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Festo press kits enable fast manufacturing of insulin auto-injectors

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Syntegon Technology assembly system produces up to 300 pens per minute.

With help from Festo automation solutions, Syntegon Technology’s scaleable automatic assembly lines produce up to 300 insulin pens per minute.

With the number of diabetics growing by about 10 million a year, OEM systems builder Syntegon Technology has developed a high-speed production line that assembles insulin auto-injector “pens”.

The company’s production line automates all process steps, from filling, capping, assembly, testing, to labeling and packaging. The machine’s design incorporates either on a rotary table for low to medium outputs or on a linear transport system for high outputs. Depending on the machine type, Syntegon’s assembly lines produce up to 300 pens per minute.

Key to the auto-injectors’ assembly is consistent pressing, since the glass syringes within the insulin pens’ can’t be subjected to irregular pressure. To ensure consistency, Syntegon incorporated Festo’s YJKP, a modular and preconfigured servo press kit – includes software, controllers and standard electric drives – that provides electric pressing and joining up to 17 kN.

“We have installed more than 100 servo press kits in our automated assembly lines for insulin pens,” said Ulrik Keldke, Head of Syntegon’s engineering department. “The precisely adjustable pressing and joining forces ensure consistent quality and low reject rates. What we particularly like about the Festo servo press kit is that it is quick and easy to commission, and the machine operators don’t need to be trained to use it.”


The production line’s control system is based on electrical and pneumatic components and modules from Festo. The CPX-E-CEC control module establishes the connection to the process control level, allowing it to be used with Ethernet/IP, Profinet, and EtherCAT.


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