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Finding Center of Mass in SolidWorks

By Todd Domke, Hawk Ridge Systems   

CAD/CAM/CAE Hawk Ridge Systems SolidWorks Todd Domke

How to use SolidWorks to pinpoint the COM of any part, assembly or drawing.

15-April-Hawk-Ridge-Domke-COM-Solidworks-625In the following instructional video, Hawk Ridge Systems application manager Todd Domke shows how to create a handy reference point to the true Center of Mass (COM) of your parts, assemblies and drawings. What used to require a workaround prior to 2013 is now quick, easy, and integrated into all phases of design documentation in SolidWorks.

For more, SolidWorks tips, check out Hawk Ridge Systems blog.

Todd Domke is the Hawk Ridge Systems Product Manager for SolidWorks 3D CAD, and holds a number of certifications, including Certified SolidWorks Expert.



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