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Master Bond Inc. has introduced a bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation system called EP21TDC-2LO. The formulation is said to offer high flexibility and excellent toughness. It cures at room temperatures or more rapidly at elevated temperatures. It has a 1 to 3 mix ratio by weight or volume and has a working life of >90 min for a 100 g mass. Little exotherm is developed during cure making it suitable for use in thick as well as in thin sectioned configurations.

February 16, 2007   Staff

The system meets NASA low outgassing specifications. It is also said to exhibit outstanding electrical insulation properties and superior thermal conductivity. It is durable and adheres well to both similar and dissimilar substrates. EP21TDC-2LO has a service operating temperature range of 4°K to 250°F. It also features exceptional thermal shock resistance.

EP21TDC-2LO has a Shore D hardness of 36 and an elongation of >50%. It has a tensile strength of 1070 psi and a T-peel strength of >15 pli. Its tensile shear strength for aluminum to aluminum bonds is >980 psi. Particularly noteworthy is its volume resistivity of >1012 ohm cm and its thermal conductivity of 9 BTU/in/ft²/hr/°F.

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