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Flexible Power Cable

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General Energy wind turbine

Helukabel aluminium power cable designed for wind turbines.

Helukabel introduced its Heluwind WK Powerline ALU, a flexible aluminum power cable for wind turbines. This diesel locomotive-like power cable is made of finely-stranded aluminum making it nearly 50 percent lighter, as well as, less expensive than comparable copper power cables. It’s also easier to install says the company in that one length of cable can run from behind the drip loop in the down tower area directly to the inverter in the tower base. It requires only one splice, between the copper loop cable and the power line, and a crimp cable lug to connect the power line to the inverter.

Additional characteristics include an operating temperature range -20°C (flexing) and -40°C (fixed) to +105°C (both) and a tight bending radius – 10x cable diameter (flexing), 4x cable diameter (fixed). In addition, the cable is ROHS compliant and halogen-free.

The POWERLINE ALU comes in two standard types, 0.6/1 KV and 1.8/3 KV, and can be ordered in bulk or pre-assembled (includes tube connector and crimped cable lug). Both cable types are available as robust versions, which feature an abrasion-resistant and cut-resistant outer jacket.



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