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Flying bike takes off in Prague: Video

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Czech DS VAR and partners successfully tests propeller-driven F-Bike.

Czech Dassault Systems reseller, Technodat, and its partners, bike maker Duratec and aerospace firm Evektor, announced today that the group’s F-Bike successfully flew for a five minutes at a demonstration in Progue.

According the company’s web site, the flying machine’s four main 1300 mm propellers (two in front; two in back) are driven my four 10 kW motors and provide the primary lift with a maximum of 2200 revolutions per minute. On the bike’s left and right, pivoting 650 mm propellers provide stabilisation and forward thrust.

The bike’s frame, designed and built by partner Duratec, is made from duralumin alloy and looks similar to a mountain bike with three parallel tubes to support the main propeller and “basket” assemblies and act as conduit for the electrical wiring. In total, the F-Bike weighs 85 kg without a rider but can lift a maximum of 170 kg for approximately 3-5 minutes on a single charge of its lithium polymer batteries.

In Wednesday’s demonstration, the F-Bike was remotely piloted from the ground and carried only a dummy rider. The group says the bike will need more powerful batteries before it can sustain flight with a human rider.



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