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Based on its recent analysis of the pneumatics market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Bimba Manufacturing with the 2015 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for New Product Innovation for its IntelliSense predictive intelligence system for pneumatic devices.

IntelliSense combines sensors, cylinders, and embedded software to gather actionable data on the real-time performance of standard Bimba pneumatic devices. It delivers unrivaled value to customers in terms of uptime, proactive monitoring, preemptive maintenance, and, ultimately, reduced costs.

The “intelligence” of IntelliSense lies within its sensor interface module (SIM), a remote monitoring device that alerts users on device operations. A pair of sensors connected by pneumatic fittings to a Bimba cylinder enables the device to accrue data on several variables, including the working condition of cylinders, stroke time, end-of-travel, temperature, and pressure. An optional IntelliSense® Data Gateway gives users Internet access to performance data from as many as 12 different SIMs simultaneously.

“By constantly delivering feedback, Bimba’s IntelliSense® helps diagnose the actuator system and aids in the proactive maintenance of equipment, making machines much smarter,” said Frost & Sullivan Arun Prasath. “IntelliSense has thus taken technological advancement in machine automation to a whole new level.”

IntelliSense’s obvious product benefits have attracted even the process industries, which have traditionally been technology-shy. Bimba particularly made a case for itself within the packaging industry, which is beset by costly downtimes. The technology is ideal for companies that run machinery 24/7, and stand to lose considerable money on their large-value product batches if the processes suffered interruption. Some of its main end-use industries include automotive, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.


The sophistication of IntelliSense® is abundantly evident in its ability to monitor and stream pressure data for every millisecond and temperature every second. Such pressure-sensing technology helps users determine whether maintenance should be corrective, preventive, or predictive.

Indeed, Bimba’s IntelliSense is so advanced that it is able to provide a communications map for customers using a network of smart devices from multiple locations. Predictive prognostics, made possible by gleaning real-time data on the application’s performance condition, helps users determine when a cylinder or actuator could fail so they can make informed decisions regarding maintenance, instead of having to resort to guesswork. Combining data on predictive failure with other diagnostic information, such as the state of the actuators and the estimated number of days before a likely breakdown, is another significant value delivered by IntelliSense.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Bimba aims to enhance its products and service offerings through mergers and acquisitions. A case in point is its procurement of Pneumadyne, Inc., an innovative manufacturer of pneumatic components and control systems. The strategic acquisition augmented Bimba’s product offerings while strengthening its position in the market.

“Bimba’s success must be measured not only by its year-on-year financial performance, but also by its initiatives and investments to meet customer demands,” observed Prasath. “Its high-quality services and excellent after-sales programs have played a key role in generating repeat business and ensuring its continued market growth.”

Each year, Frost & Sullivan presents this award to the company that has developed an innovative element in a product by leveraging leading-edge technologies. The award recognizes the value-added features/benefits of the product and the increased ROI it offers customers, which, in turn, increases customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for outstanding achievement in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research.


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