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GE Digital launches new iteration of Predix Edge, private cloud infrastructure

Devin Jones   


Predix Private Cloud touts on-site deployment, offering privacy, security and data sovereignty options provided by a private infrastructure.


Recently, GE Digital announced a new iteration of their IIoT initiative, Predix Edge, aimed at simplifying edge-to-cloud computing and helping businesses move from pilot projects to production.

The announcement also included the introduction of the Predix Private Cloud (PPC) solution, an on-premises deployment of the Predix platform, offering privacy, security and data sovereignty options provided by a private infrastructure.

“More than 70 percent of industrial companies are stuck in pilot purgatory that is, they are either still at the start or unable to further advance their IIoT initiatives,” said Eddie Amos, Corporate VP, Platform & Industrial Applications, GE Digital. “Realizing the full impact of IIoT requires moving beyond the pilot stage with scalable, interoperable solutions and GE Digital helps lead them through that journey.”


Industrial companies already face huge complexities across their operations, environments and compute ecosystems. GE Digital believes Predix is an off the shelf solution that businesses can use to deploy workloads at the edge in a matter of minutes. GE also touted the integration of various programming languages to help speed up edge application development. Low-latency deployment and industry-specific security compliance round out the back of the box features.

Furthermore, data analysis can be managed locally or pushed to the cloud, executing workloads at the edge and producing insights in near real time. Already commercially available, the private cloud infrastructure enables on-site hosting options for IIoT connectivity, data, analytics and applications related to both the Predix platform or more customized applications. This on-site, closed-loop IIoT infrastructure is a trend we’ve noticed throughout 2018, and shows no sign of stopping.

The on-premises offering helps companies operating in high data volume scenarios access data securely in near real time and also manage edge and disconnected environments. PPC is specifically designed to meet privacy, security, data sovereignty and data isolation requirements based on a customer’s industry, region or country.


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