Geared slewing rings maintenance-free

igus has added a geared slewing ring bearing to its line of iglide “PRT” modules. Geared PRT slewing rings are said to be cost-effective and can be used in place of expensive ball bearings or rolling elements in many applications. igus’ standard PRT slewing rings use self-lubricating, low friction polymer sliding elements in place of ball bearings. The geared version is set apart by the addition of a sprocket and a toothed system to drive the slewing ring.

0 June 12, 2009

Caption: Watch igus’ standard PRT slewing ring in action (left).

Geared PRT slewing rings do not require any lubrication. A toothed belt can be mounted on either the inner or outer ring of the bearing, depending on the type of drive configuration required. The design makes the geared module ready to install.

The geared PRT slewing ring is available in plastic, aluminum or stainless steel, with no minimum order requirements.

It is suitable for a broad range of environments, including semiconductor and cleanroom applications, assembly lines, machine tools, production facilities and the medical and solar industries. igus can also custom design this bearing to customers’ specifications.

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