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Graphene Laboratories and Canada’s Lomiko Metals to develop graphene for 3D printing

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Graphene 3D Labs start-up looks to produce graphene-enhanced materials for commercial applications.

Nov-13-graphene-3d-labs-360Graphene Laboratories Inc. announced it will partner with Vancouver-based Lomiko Metals Inc. to develop graphene-enhanced materials for 3D printing. To commercialize their research, the companies have formed Graphene 3D Labs Inc., a spinoff of Graphene Labs, to work toward integrating graphene-based products into end-user goods.

Heralded as a strong, ultra-light, ultra-conductive material, graphene is a one-atom thick sliver of graphite that could have applications in everything from super-sensitive sensors to thin flexible touch displays to high-efficiency solar panels.

Graphene Laboratories operates the Graphene Supermarket, a supplier of nanocarbon and graphene products. Lomiko Metals, a junior exploration company, will provide graphite as the exclusive supplier to Graphene 3D Labs. In addition, the company will invest $50,000 in the start-up.

“Our involvement in Graphene 3D Labs is a concrete first step into the world of Graphene, 3D printing and printed electronics,” said A. Paul Gill, president and CEO of Lomiko Metals “This is a rapidly developing new market for high quality natural graphite.”


“We anticipate graphene-enabled materials to revolutionize 3D printing,” said Dr. Elena Polyakova, CEO of Graphene Labs. “We anticipate strong demand in airspace, automotive, semi-conductor and advanced manufacturing industries.”


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