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Harmonic gearheads

Oriental Motor USA Corp. has introduced harmonic gear technology for its AlphaStep series of stepping motor and driver packages with built-in feedback devices. The harmonic (HG) gearhead is available in combination with two types of AlphaStep packages.

June 11, 2004   Staff

Combined with the HG gearhead, the 42 mm2 motor models, including those equipped with electromagnetic brakes, produce a maximum holding torque ranging from 22 to 35 lb in. The HG gearhead is also available with 28 mm2 motor models to produce a maximum holding torque ranging from 13 to 17 lb in. The series runs open loop under normal conditions and only runs in closed loop when a position deviation of ∆1.8 is seen. The AlphaStep driver uses microstep control (up to 10,000 spr).

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