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Harting Han HMC connector delivers up to 10,000 mating cycles


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Harting Canada has introduced the Han HMC, a rectangular connector designed to operate through 10,000 mating cycles or more.

Optimized for signal and power, the Han HMC is suitable for applications in the medical sector, laboratories, engineering testing facilities where devices and machines are often disconnected and reconnected several times a day. For measurement and testing systems, each test step may entail one mating cycle.

The Han HMC also suits modular machine construction and automatic tooling systems, where there is a need for electrical interfaces that can be plugged in and disconnected, over and over again, without incurring significant wear and tear.

The connectors are specially enhanced versions of the existing Han industrial connectors, so any device or machine that can use a Han connector can switch to the same size Han HMC without modification.

The complete Han HMC series consists of Han B HMC housings (sizes 10, 16 and 24), inserts with crimp connections, gold-coated crimp contacts with constant spring force, a choice of different docking frames, as well as Han-Modular modules that have Han HMC crimp contacts.


All Han HMC inserts contain high performance grounding contacts.


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