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Magnet-Schultz of America has introduced the 44X32 solenoid. The solenoid is being offered in both the R44X32 Standard Pull Style and the RL44x32 Magnetic-Latching Pull Style.
Units can accommodate up to 5 lb in the continuous duty mode, up to 10 lb in the intermittent duty mode and up to 30 lb in the pulse duty mode - all at a maximum stroke of one in.

March 30, 2007   Staff

The RL44X32 Magnetic-Latching Pull Style handles applications that require the same high pull-in force (up to 30 lb at up to one in.). It also has the ability to hold the solenoid in the energized position by use of a permanent magnet, eliminating the need to continuously apply power to the solenoid.
The new, customizable tubular solenoids also offer special plunger configurations, unique coil voltages, and a boot (if dust prevention for the plunger is needed).

Customizable options include the addition of a spring return, multiple connectors for wire lead termination, and – for the Standard Version – conversion into a Push Style solenoid.

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