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Hyatt Industries Limited, exclusive Canadian representative of Guide Infrared Technology Co., has announced the ThermoProTMTP8 high performance infrared camera. Housed in a magnesium casing, the camera offers a high-performance IR detector (384 x 288 pixels, 35 micron), an intuitive detachable touch screen & remote control handle, intelligent voice control of the camera, automatic or motorized focus, Bluetooth wireless headset, and real-time radiometric video recording & data transfer & control of camera via USB2.0. Synchronous video output is via a VGA LCD screen, OLED viewfinder, VGA display device & TV display device.

February 20, 2007   Staff

Thermal sensitivity is 0.08°C and temperature measurement accuracy is ±1°C or 1% of the reading. One cursor automatically indicates the position and temperature of the hottest spot within the image. Another cursor always stays at the image center to show its temperature and provides a reference for inspection analysis.

An audio alarm will automatically trigger for a spot with temperature exceeding the value preset by operators. Simultaneous eight-spot & eight-area analysis, line profile, isotherm and histogram analysis and 1 to 10 continuous electronic zoom function are provided for pinpointing of potential problems.

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