High voltage motor contactors

AutomationDirect has announced Fuji electric contactors include higher coil voltages. The SC series components operate with ac coil voltage ranges of 440 to 480 V and 500 to 550 V at 60hz and are available in frame sizes of 43, 54 and 67 mm. SC series SUPERMAGNET Coil contactors now include 88, 100 and 115 mm frame models with AC coil voltage ranges of 380-450V and 460-575V at 50/60hz.

0 June 15, 2009

Also now available with SUPERMAGNET coils are the Odyssey series contactors in 138 and 148 mm frame sizes, with ac coil voltage ranges of 380 to 450 V and 460 to 575 V at 50/60hz.

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