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Hinges have integrated safety switch


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J.W. Winco Canada, Inc., has introduced EN 239.6 technopolymer plastic hinges with integrated safety switch, in metric sizes.

The hinges were designed for monitoring guard doors and covers of machines and production equipment. Opening the door activates the switch contacts, which then interrupts a protective circuit via a break contact (NC) and at the same time signal the door opening by closing a make-contact element (NO).

The contact blocks are fitted with fo­­rce-opening slow-action contacts, i.e. they will definitely be separated when activated and have no hysteresis. The integrated design of the contact blocks makes these hinges compact, tamper-proof, and easy to mount.

Housing, hinge pin, and mounting bushings are made of technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA), black matte finish. Offered types are connector plug on top, connector plug on bottom, cable connection on top, cable connection on bottom, and cable connection on back.




Versions include contact block with 2NC/2NO and contact block with 3NC/1NO. Options for types with cables are two or five meter cables. Matching hinges without safety switch can also be purchased.

Note that these hinges can be used with GN 965 T-Nut Assemblies and 30/40 mm aluminum profile systems with slot widths of 8 mm, as well as GN 968 T-Nut Assemblies and 30/40/45 mm aluminum profile systems with slot widths of 10 mm.


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