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Hover bike takes flight (video)

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Aerofex Corp’s rotor-driven craft cruises at 50 kph.

A California company, Aerofex Corp., is turning heads with footage of a prototype hover bike taking flight in the Mojave Desert. Based on a 1960s design that was abandoned due to roll-over issues, the company says the instability problems have been fixed.

According to the company’s web site, the technology “utilizes ejector dynamics to augment the thrust and control of ducted-fan aircraft.” As a result, the craft rides as intuitively as a bike or motorcycle without the need for artificial stabilization or software.

As fun as riding one looks, the company says it doesn’t have plans for producing any consumer available airborne ATVs. Instead, it foresees the technology being paired with an AI system for unmanned heavy-lift drones or as a first-responder vehicle in remote locations.



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