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How to place a linear dimension quickly in AutoCAD 2016

By John Hackney, IMAGINiT Technologies   

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AutoCAD 2016’s new DIM command includes some handy options if you know how to use them.

I wanted to post a very short article to make sure everyone knows the process of placing a linear dimension using the new “DIM” (Dimension) command in AutoCAD 2016. I have had a few questions on how to place a linear dimension from two non-linear points as shown in the screen shot below.


The enhanced AutoCAD dimension command will automatically seek the correct dimension type according to the entities selected. In this case, we will be selecting two points, using object snaps, to place the desired dimension. After you do this you move your cursor to place the dimension and it will only show an aligned dimension.



The trick to change the dimension type to a linear dimension is to hover your cursor outside the extension line of the closest point to the dimension location. In my example, that would be outside the extension line on the right. You will notice that the dimension will automatically switch to linear. You then can move up or down to place your dimension at the right distance from the model. A similar process is used to place vertical linear dimensions.


The new dimension command has a lot of great options and I hope you will find placing linear dimensions as easy as all the other types.

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John Hackney is an IMAGINiT Technologies Mechanical Application Engineer with 25 years design exprienece in various manufacturing disciplines including converting and high speed pick and place machinery.


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