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Hybrid POSITAL rotary encoders combine incremental and absolute functionality


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POSITAL has introduced new models of its versatile IXARC magnetic encoders that combine incremental and absolute rotation measurement capabilities in a single, compact and highly robust package.

Absolute encoders provide a control system with an accurate report of the rotational angle and rotation-count at a specific point in time, which makes them ideal for many machinery positioning tasks.

Incremental encoders provide a signal pulse each time the encoder shaft rotates by a specified angle.

Their dynamic response makes them a good choice for monitoring rotational speed and direction.  “Combining both measurement capabilities in a single device provides control system designers with extra flexibility,” underlines POSITAL product manager Chintan Doshi.

“Moreover, the incremental signal can be used as a ‘heartbeat’ that confirms that the sensor is functioning normally.” Because the new IXARC hybrid encoders are based on POSITAL’s high-performance magnetic measurement technology, they offer a unique combination of accuracy, shock/dust/moisture resistance and compact size.


IXARC hybrid incremental + absolute rotary encoders have communications interfaces that support both measurement modes: RS 422, HTL or TTL for incremental readings and SSI for absolute measurements.

Available multi-turn versions can count up to 64,000 revolutions while incremental measurements have resolutions as high as 16,384 pulses per revolution.

Like other POSITAL sensors, the new IXARC hybrid incremental + absolute encoders are available with multiple options for housing size and materials, flange configuration, shaft type and diameter, connection/wiring type and level of environmental protection – up to IP67.

POSITAL’s online product finder tool helps users to quickly and efficiently identify products that will meet their specific requirements.


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