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igus puts plastic bearings to road test

Bearing manufacturer retrofits car with plastic bearings to conduct extended 9-month road test.

March 18, 2014   Mike McLeod

14-Mar-iglide-on-tour-360To celebrate its 30-year anniversary, bearings manufacturer igus has retrofited a car with 56 iglide plastic bearings. These components are in all areas of the car, including the pedals, alternator, window regulators, convertible top, gearshift. The car is part of a 20-country, 9-month world tour started in March, during which the company will test of the iglide plastic bearings installed within the car.

According to the company, iglide bearings are wear resistant due to their tribologically optimized plastic compound and designed to withstand high stresses. Specific features such as resistance to dirt, oil, and chemicals, as well as pressure resistance, and shock absorption make them suitable for use in the chassis, engine compartment and gearbox. In addition, the company says door hinges and other moving parts benefit from the plastic bearing’s corrosion-resistance, self-lubrication and low-weight.

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