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With the FL MGuard RS Firewall with VPN option, Phoenix Contact provides an industrial Ethernet firewall/router platform for individual protection of distributed automation systems. The devices are designed for use in a harsh industrial environment and, unlike security solutions in the office environment, they meet the requirements that automation poses for data transfer and mechanical robustness.

For remote secure connections a VPN, Virtual Private Network can be created for the most secure connection over a Wide Area Network.

A central firewall that protects the entire company network does not provide protection against damaging activities that most frequently arise from within the network. Production cells can only be protected by a concept that works at a distributed level, based on a solution for providing end device security. The FL MGuard Firewall is a product line that provides the automation system with comprehensive protection from unauthorized access.

The security devices in a 45 mm wide housing can be DIN rail mounted, can be redundantly powered with standard industrial 24 Vdc power supply(s) and are integrated in the network as an independent system. There, they protect a part of the installed network or an individual automation component without affecting the system to be protected. All inbound and outbound data packets are monitored based on predefined rules.

When machines of the same design are operated in parallel within a network, previously every machine had to be individually configurable in order to be integrated in the higher-level communication system. The FL MGuard components support the 1:1 NAT function, allowing production cells with an identical IP address space to be used in a higher-level network. This means that it is no longer necessary to configure such standard machines individually.



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