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August 19, 2019  

Canadian government unveils $3B sole source deal for armoured vehicles

News Defense General
August 14, 2019  

Hepburn Engineering secures JSS contract

News Defense Materials
August 14, 2019  

New way to bend metals could lead to stronger military vehicles

News Defense General
August 7, 2019  

Trudeau pressed to give update on review of Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia

News Defense Automation
July 15, 2019  

Judge sides with Pentagon and Amazon in cloud bidding case

News Defense General
July 9, 2019  

Amazon, Microsoft wage war over the Pentagon’s ‘war cloud’

Feature Defense Energy Automation General
June 24, 2019  

Releasing the Kraken

News Defense General
May 23, 2019  

Federal government to buy two more Arctic ships from Irving Shipbuilding

News Defense General
May 13, 2019  

IIoT on the Battlefield

News Defense Additive Manufacturing
March 25, 2019  

U.S. Army 3D printing ultra-strong steel parts from powder

News Defense General
March 21, 2019  

Davie, rivals square off over future of shipbuilding plan

News Defense Automation General
February 11, 2019  

Siemens Canada Joins Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity

News Defense General Quality
February 8, 2019  

Ottawa awards design contract for $60 billion warship fleet to Lockheed Martin

News Defense Materials Quality
October 22, 2018  

U.S. firm Lockheed Martin gets first crack to design $60B Canadian warships

News Defense Additive Manufacturing
September 24, 2018  

[Update] 3D printed gun advocate arrested, released on bond

News Defense General Materials
August 1, 2018  

Judge blocks the release of blueprints for 3D printed guns, shuts down website

News Defense Automation
July 23, 2018  

World’s top tech leaders amongst thousands signing pledge to curb development on killer robots

News Defense General
July 17, 2018  

U.S. hits back with WTO challenge against Canada’s retaliatory tariffs

News Defense Quality
July 13, 2018  

New Cyclone helicopter takes to the skies before first international deployment

News Defense General
June 6, 2018  

Feds close to deal with Davie Shipbuilding for icebreakers

News Defense General
May 30, 2018  

Canada quietly invests another $54M into F-35

News Defense General
May 4, 2018  

New AI technology helps soldiers learn and adapt faster in combat situations

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March 6, 2018  

DND hopes to keep new navy support ship project on track

News Defense General
February 5, 2018  

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket ready for launch debut this week

News Aerospace Automotive Defense General
January 31, 2018  

Canada holds breath as it offers NAFTA counter-proposal

News Defense Additive Manufacturing
January 29, 2018  

NASA successfully tests 3D printed rocket engine part

News Defense General
January 19, 2018  

Trudeau announces plans to lease icebreakers from Quebec’s Davie shipyard

News Defense Additive Manufacturing
December 18, 2017  

US Army partners with Marine Corps to 3D print drones

News Defense Automation
November 1, 2017  

Lockheed Martin to design U.S. Navy’s unmanned undersea vehicle

News Defense General
September 18, 2017  

Major defence merger surge as global tensions rise

News Defense General
September 13, 2017  

Autonomous boats could be just around the pier

News Defense Quality
September 11, 2017  

Lockheed’s helicopter-based missile detection system passes review