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News Defense General
March 21, 2016  

Submersible drone can hide underwater then launch to perform aerial missions

News Defense Additive Manufacturing
March 21, 2016  

U.S. Navy Missile flies with its first 3D printed component

News Defense General
March 14, 2016  

Boeing designs autonomous underwater vehicle

News Defense General
March 7, 2016  

Alcoa awarded $50 million U.S. Army deal

News Defense General
February 17, 2016  

Combat engineering vehicle re-designed for both the battlefield and disaster relief

News Defense General
January 20, 2016  

Canada closely monitoring all arms deals, has legal ‘levers’ on Saudi deal

News Aerospace Defense General
January 12, 2016  

Aerospace companies competing for military search plane contract

News Aerospace Defense General
January 6, 2016  

Canadian military purchasing plans hampered by DND turnover, marathon election

News Defense General
December 10, 2015  

Largest destroyer built for U.S. Navy embarks on sea trials

News Defense Automation General
October 1, 2015  

Canadian designed aquatic devices guide divers through murky waters

News Defense General
August 20, 2015  

Irving Shipbuilding selects BAE naval gun system for AOPS program

News Aerospace Defense General
August 13, 2015  

BC aerospace research receives $7.3 million boost

News Defense Automation General
July 29, 2015  

Scientists warn of ‘killer robots’ arms race

News Aerospace Defense General
July 20, 2015  

United Tech sells Sikorsky to Lockheed Martin

News Defense General
July 16, 2015  

Canadian military to get supply trucks 11 years after first being proposed

News Defense General
June 18, 2015  

Drones can create new options for industry in Canada

News Aerospace Automotive Defense Energy Machine Building Medical Metal Fabrication General
June 8, 2015  

CFIB calls for new internal trade deal

Feature Aerospace Defense Machine Building Automation
May 22, 2015  

Canadian augmented reality tech takes CMMS to the next level

News Aerospace Automotive Defense Metal Fabrication Materials
May 13, 2015  

Ultra strong metal alloy foam floats on water

News Defense General
May 6, 2015  

BAE Systems lands night vision, targeting goggles contract

News Aerospace Defense General Materials
April 29, 2015  

Scientists perfect material that looks like glass, acts like armor, molds like plastic

News Defense General
April 29, 2015  

Don’t bother running from this sniper bullet

News Defense General
April 22, 2015  

Tory proposal for ethical procurement regime could further muddle defence buys

News Aerospace Defense General
March 31, 2015  

Canadian military search plane tender call finally issued

News Aerospace Automotive Defense Energy Metal Fabrication Additive Manufacturing Electronics General Materials Sustainability
December 17, 2014  

Design Engineering’s top 10 stories of 2014

News Defense Automation
December 16, 2014  

U.S. Navy testing robotic tuna drone as aquatic spy

News Defense General
November 13, 2014  

General Dynamics Canada lands two defence contracts

News Aerospace Defense General
September 25, 2014  

IMP Aerospace delivers 100th Aurora aircraft to RCAF

News Defense Automation
September 10, 2014  

Canadian Dept. of National Defence to get bomb sniffing robots

News Aerospace Automotive Defense Medical Materials
August 29, 2014  

Grafoid opens 225,000-sq-ft. graphene research, production center in Kingston, ON

News Defense Automation General
August 20, 2014  

U.S. Navy to test industrial exoskeleton

News Defense General
August 6, 2014  

BlackBerry software receives U.S. security clearance