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Integrated servo motor actuator in a compact design for increased dynamic performance


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The new integrated-motor actuator (IMA) from Tolomatic, Inc., combines a servo motor with Tolomatic’s proven rod-style actuator to provide a compact package. Compared to traditional rod-style actuators, the IMA’s integrated design provides higher dynamic performance by eliminating the need for separate motors, couplers, motor mounts, gearing and belts. The result is reduced component costs, assembly time and failure points.

The Tolomatic IMA provides high force (up to 2000 lbf) along with high speed (23 in./sec.) and positional accuracy (+/- 0.00984 in. or +/- 0.25 mm). The IMA can be ordered in any incremental stroke length from 6 to 18 inches.

Built with Tolomatic’s Endurance Technology features for maximum durability and extended service life, the IMA is offered with multiple ball screw leads, and a choice of motor winding voltages. The patent-pending screw lubrication system allows for easy re-lubrication without disassembly for extremely long service life.

Tolomatic’s easy-to-use sizing and selection software makes selecting an IMA easy. All orders are built-to-order and shipped with Tolomatic’s industry leading five-day delivery.



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