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Intel debuts 3D printed robot

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Chip maker to sell kit for customizable robotic pal by year's end.

14-May-Intel-Jimmy-3d-printed-robot-360At the Code conference in Ranchos Palos Verdes, California last week, Intel welcomed “Jimmy,” a 3D-printed robot that walks, talks and even Tweet. Better yet, the processor maker says it will begin selling a kit so anyone can additively manufacture a less sophisticated version of the robot for $1,600. While the STL files and assembly instructions will be free, the components that can’t be printed (motors, wires, sensors, Intel Edison processor) will be sold through the companies retail channels.

Created by Intel’s resident futurist Brian David Johnson, Jimmy can can be programmed to sing, translate languages, send tweets. The company says that robot owners will be able to share their programs for others to download similar to apps on a smart phone.



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