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iPad 4 Teardown

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Latest tablet CPU represents significant boost in display performance.

The investigative unit at Ottawa-based reverse engineering firm, Chipworks, have performed a digital autopsy of the recently debuted Apple iPad (4th generation). While the team’s analysis reveals that much of the iPad’s innards are re-purposed components from previous Apple mobile products, the tablet’s new A6X applications processor chip is a significant step up from the A6 found in the iPhone 5.

According to Chipworks, although the dual core CPU is identical to that of the A6 chip, the overall A6X chip is 30 percent larger than its predecessor to allow for twice the GPU core space and double the SDRAM interface width. This represents a significant increase in video graphics performance for the next gen iPad.

Check out the full breakdown plus dissection of the new iPad mini on the Chipwork’s website.

A look inside the Apple iPad 4th generation reveals its GPU cores take up twice the space of the A6. (Photo courtesy of Chipworks)



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