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iPhone 4S Teardown

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Ottawa’s Chipworks performs detailed teardown analysis of Apple’s latest iPhone.

Since the release of the Apple iPhone 4S last Friday, October 14th, technicians in the labs of Ottawa-based reverse engineering firm Chipworks, have been dissecting the wildly popular smart phone to discover which companies scored a design win.

According to Chipworks, many of the components in the iPhone 4S mirror those of the iPad 2 including STMicroelectronics’ gyroscope and accelerometer chips, and most notably, the Apple dual core A5 processor. Other components, such as the Qualcomm RF transceiver and Texas Instruments touch screen controller, were brought forward from previous iPhones.

Possibly the biggest surprise, reports Chipworks’ blog, is the iPhone 4S’ Sony-supplied image sensor. The reverse-engineering company notes that Apple regularly dual-sources components and suggests that Sony may not be the only image sensor supplier.

For complete listing of specific components along with detailed photography and x-ray scans, check out the full story on Chipworks teardown blog.



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